Patch Tests for the Identification of Allergens Causing Allergic Contact Dermatitis

AllergEAZE is an open-type Skin Patch Test system used to identify numerous allergens that cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

The AllergEAZE system comprises more than 470 different allergens in the routine allergen list, organised into series or groupings.

Other unusual allergens may also be available for research, or can be specially created on request.

Australian Baseline Series

The Australian Baseline Series has been developed by Australian dermatologists and is recommended as the panel of the 60 most relevant Patch Test allergens in Australian clinical practice.


Patch Testing

The strength of the reaction for any allergen indicates sensitivity to that allergen. The Dermatologist will then advise on what products and substances contain the sensitising chemical, and advise on avoidance procedures.

Treatment of Contact Dermatitis may include steroid creams, emollients or hydrating lotions, but the best solution is to identify and avoid the offending allergen from the patient’s environment.

Allergen identification and allergen avoidance are the keys to successful treatment of Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Patch Testing using open-type systems is usually restricted to Patch Test Clinics in Dermatology Departments or Outpatient Clinics at hospitals. However there are a number of dermatologists and allergists, in private practice who also offer this service.

If you believe that you are reacting to a chemical in your workplace or from cosmetics, sun-screens, medicines, etc, then you are recommended to discuss this initially with your Family Practitioner (GP). They may then refer you to a Dermatologist or Allergist for further investigation.


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