Testing for sensitivity to Penicillin may be a vitally important procedure for a patient suspected from the previous clinical history of being sensitised to Penicillin, and for whom treatment with a Penicillin-related antibiotic may be optimal. Such testing can also be appropriate for, for example, military personnel.

It is important to test for not just the major determinants of Penicillin ("PPL"), but also the minor determinants (represented by the DM Sodium peniciloate").

It may also be clinically appropriate to test for Amoxycillin, as a closely related antibiotic, to ascertain if hypersensitivity exists.

This testing procedure is usually accomplished through the use of a commercially available kit, which is to be used only by Specialist Allergists, most usually in the hospital Allergy Clinic.

If you think you may be penicillin-allergic then discuss this with your Primary Care Practitioner, who may refer you to a Specialist Allergist.