AMSL Allergy offers a range of lancet options including:

  • Traditional Metal Lancets
  • Plastic Duotip® II lancets
  • Multi-Test® II lancets

ALK Traditional Metal Lancets


  • Long and broad allowing easy grip for large male fingers.
  • Angled shoulders – easy to place to correct depth.
  • Ridged spine prevents flexing, reducing risk of buckling.
  • Easy-rip paper sealed sterile packs; easy to rip open to expose the ends.
  • Very cost effective.

Duotip® II lancets

Manufactured by Lincoln Medical of USA, the Duotip II Lancet system is extremely popular in USA, and gaining numerous users now in Australia.

Duotip II lancets sit in a well of the reagent, in a tray of 40 wells. The lancet retains approximately 4 microliters of reagent in the meniscus between the two points of the lancet (a drop created by a glass pipette of a traditional SPT reagent vial contains approximately 25 - 40 microliters).


  • Reduced reagent volumes allows for cost saving
  • Fast, simple procedure.
  • Simple to use for children as there is no need for the arm to be held immobile whilst placing SPT reagent drops onto the test sites.
  • Minimally invasive. No need to puncture the epidermis as with a metal lancet to introduce a full drop of allergen. Duotip II is especially suitable for use with children.
  • Entire tray with 40 Reagents can be easily transported.

Convenient packaging

  • Upright orientation for easy access
  • 20 devices per unit container
  • 400 devices per stock package

Large label areas

  • Plenty of room for accurate extract identification
  • Each row is lettered; each well is numbered

See-Through windows

  • Clear view of extract levels in 40 wells
  • No surprises—60 doses left when extract levels fill only well bottom reservoirs

Clear Lid

  • Tightly seals around tray
  • Removes easily from all four corners
  • Lid holds devices in wells to prevent spills


Multi-Test® II lancets


Also manufactured by Lincoln Medical of USA, this Multi-Test II lancet system utilises a plastic "spider" of 8 lancets, each with 9 small points.

The application device sits in a tray containing 8 wells of the 8 reagents. When removed from the wells, the application device retains a small drop of the reagent (smaller than the drop of approx. 40 microliters created by a glass pipette of a traditional SPT reagent vial) and the device is then placed on the patient's skin (test site) and the entire application device is pressed into the patients skin, to introduce the allergen into the superficial skin layer.

Great for standardised tests

Where the Multi-Test II is most attractive is those situations where a clinic or laboratory has a standardised panel of SPT reagents, or several panels, and does not wish to vary from those panels

Test Quickly

Save time by testing for eight allergens simultaneously, so a standard panel of 24 allergens including Positive Control and Negative Control can be applied in less than 60 seconds.