SmartPractice “PatchMap”

A polymer sheet used to accurately create a permanent record of the PT Panel placement. Using a marker pen, the panel placement is traced onto the PatchMap, then folded and placed into the patient’s file. When the patient returns for follow-up appointments, the PatchMap is again placed on the patients back, indicating the original panel placement. The test site reactions can then be read with greater precision and reliability as to the identification of any problem allergens. Box of 60 PatchMaps.

SmartPractice “PatchProtect”

The polyurethane adhesive patches are intended to be placed over other Patch Test strips when additional adhesion is required; for example in hot & sweaty conditions, or if the patients wishes to bathe. The PatchProtect patches offer excellent adhesion and moisture resistance.

Available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. 100 Sheets per Box.

SmartPractice “PatchTransport”

This clam-shell design is intended for the secure postal transport of made up Patch Test Panels based on the AllergEAZE fabric or “clear” chambers. Re-usable and washable, these PatchTransport devices are also airtight and so allow the storage of made-up chamber strips for a few days, even without any transportation.

50 Devices per Pack.

SmartPractice “Reveal & Conceal”

Two separate products; Nickel Spot Test and Cobalt Spot Test.

Each Kit contains 10 Spot Tests with the chemicals on a stick (like a cotton bud) that is touched to the surface of any material suspected of containing the metal Nickel (or Cobalt). A rapid colour change of the bud tip indicates the presence of the metal in the object being tested. Each kit also contains a vial of a clear varnish, and an applicator brush, that can be painted onto the offending metal object and so sealing that metal, and thereby preventing contact with the sensitive skin of the patient. These products would normally be sold by the dermatologist to the patient for the patient to use independently.

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