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Diasend, a web based software package, compatible with both PC and Mac computers, has been developed as a communication service for healthcare in an effort to improve the circumstances and quality of life of patients.

Diasend has been available in the US and European markets since 2006. It is an effective communication solution aimed at enhancing the management and care of patients with diabetes. Diasend is now available in most markets around the world.

Diasend provides a complete technical solution for transmitting, storing and monitoring patients’ glucose readings and insulin doses.

The software is continuously being developed and the system updated. The strategy is to involve patients and healthcare professionals in order to create a foundation for the widespread use of technical solutions.

Diasend believe that simple and effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients is essential for good management. This conviction guides all their development work.

Diasend enhances the communication between healthcare providers and patients. This means easy uploading from glucose meters, insulin pumps and CGM.  At information will be presented in a clear and structured way through graphs, tables and statistics.

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