The Quo-Test™

Quotient Diagnostics have developed a truly revolutionary HBA1c analyser which is simple, fast and reliable. It represents a new standard in A1c testing, combining advanced chemistry, innovative product design and state of the art instrumentation, optics and electronics. The Quo-Test is suitable for the PoCT, laboratory and primary care environment.

  • Quo-Test uses a finger prick blood sample of only 4µl
  • Laboratory quality results
  • Simple to perform test
  • Less than 4 minutes to Result
  • Automatically calibrated to ensure maximum precision and accuracy every time

The system comprises of a desktop analyser and a disposable cartridge. In addition, there is a bar-code reader for scanning the test lot which only needs to be scanned once upon opening a new box of tests. Each cartridge is packed in a foil pouch, with a shelf life of up to 9 months at 2-8°C.