BRT MRL-Screening Test

Microbiological inhibitor test systems are the most generally accepted world-wide for the detection of antimicrobials in milk, such as antibiotics. Microbiological inhibitor tests are especially suitable for routine inspections on account of their low cost, ease of use, broad detection range and, short test time.

The MRL-Screening Test from Analytik in Milch is a modified BRT (Brilliant Black Reduction Test), which meets specified maximum residue limits for milk. The broad spectrum on this test will also indicate the presence of non-antibiotic antimicrobials which is important for producers of fermented foods such yoghurt and cheese.


Farm Set For Antibiotic Screening

With the Farm Set For Beginners from AiM GmbH, milk producers can carry out broad-spectrum tests for inhibitors themselves on the farm at any time. Everything required to carry out the test is contained in a handy case. Farmers can now test milk from treated cows after the withdrawal time has elapsed as well as milk to be delivered before it is collected by the bulk tanker safely and reliably to ensure that it is free of inhibitors. Results can be easily interpreted by a colour change and are available in 2.5 hours.

Farm Set Brochure


Milk Guard Antibiotic Test

The Milk Guard test kits are lateral flow devices for the rapid screening of B-Lactams and/or Tetracyclines in milk. Results are available in 10 minutes or less allowing you to take action in real time. Milk Guard does not require any extra equipment, incubators or readers making it ideal for use both farm-side and at the dairy processing level.