An improved counting method developed to overcome the limitations of other counting methods, the SimPlate system with Binary Detection TechnologyTM is a technological advancement in counting methods. The combination of pre-measured media and patented plating device provide accurate, easy-to-read results days faster than agar plate or film methods.

Key Advantages:

  • Faster Results
  • Fewer Dilutions, with a maximum counting range of 738
  • Easy to Prepare, SimPlate media comes pre-measured and
  • Easy to Read Results are distinguishable at a glance
  • Reproducible, provides consistency across users
  • Less Interference, the SimPlate device minimises the effects of swarming bacteria and spreading molds
  • AOAC Approvals for TPC, E.coli Coliforms, and Yeast and Molds

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Compact Dry

Compact Dry is an extremely easy-to-use plating alternative for the enumeration of bacteria in raw materials, finished product, water, and environmental swabs.

All you need to do is simply add your prepared sample to the plate, and it automatically diffuses without the need for spreading. The plates are then incubated and read. Results are usually available within 24-48 hours depending on the plate type. Colonies are highlighted by chromogenic substrates in the medium which makes visual interpretation easy. 

Furthermore the plates do not require refrigeration and have a long shelf life.

Most Compact Dry plates have AOAC and other internationally recognized approvals such as MicroVal so you can rely on the results.
For Total Viable Count - Compact Dry TC 
  • The medium consists of non-selective medium and redox indicator of 2,3,5-Triphenyl Tetrazolium Chloride (TTC). Most colonies grown on TC are red color.
  • Incubate 48 hours at 35 degrees C. Count all colonies grown on the plate.
  • Approvals: AOAC, MicroVal
For Total Coliforms - Compact Dry CF 
  • Coliform grow to develop Blue/Blue Green colonies as the medium contains chromogenic enzyme substrate X-GAL.  Bacteria other than Coliform are inhibited.
  • Incubate 24 hours at 35 degrees C. Count all Blue/Blue Green coloured colonies as Coliforms.
  • Approvals: AOAC
For Coliforms and E.coli - Compact Dry EC
  • Medium contains two kinds of chromogenic enzyme substrate, Magenta-GAL and X-GLUC. Red/Pink colonies for coliforms other than E.coli while Blue/Purple colour for E. coli are observed respectively.
  • Incubate 24 hours at 35 degrees C.
  • For E. coli, count all Blue/Blue Purple colonies. For non E. coli coliforms count all red/pink colonies. Combined total number of red and blue colonies is the total coliform count.
  • Approvals: AOAC
For Yeast and Mold - Compact Dry YM
  • Medium contains chromogenic enzyme substrate X-Phos that develops blue colour for most yeast and antibiotics that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Mold forms filamentous colonies.
  • Incubate 3-7 days at 20-25 degrees C.
  • Count Blue or White to Cream colour for yeast, mold forms filamentous colonies.
  • Approvals: AOAC
For Staphylococcus aureus - Compact Dry X-SA  
  • Media contains two chromogenic substrates for colour development. Bacteria other than Staphylococcus aureus as well as yeast and mold are inhibited.
  • Incubate 24 hours at 35 degrees C. Count blue and light blue colonies.
  • Approvals: AOAC

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Coliform and E.coli Test for Water


Traditional methods for testing Coliforms in water often requires filtering  the sample which adds to the time, complexity and cost of performing a test. Now available is EC Blue, which is a rapid Coliform and E.coli test for water samples. Results are available in 18-24 hours and a simple colour change from clear to blue will indicate the presence of total Coliforms. If E.coli is present, then the sample will also fluoresce under UV Light.

EC Blue is ready to use, shelf stable, and available in several different formats, such as jars, sachets and tubes. The jars are ultra-convenient as they are sterile and ready to use, all you need to do is add 100ml of sample to the container and incubate. The sachets are versatile as you can add the media to any sample in a suitable container such as a bottle or Whirl-Pak bag.

Quantitative results with EC Blue are also available via the use of the tubes or the MPN Tray.

Nissui EC Blue 100P (SACHETS)     Nissui EC Blue 100 (JARS)



Colony Counters

Colony counters provide easier reading, faster results and reduces labour for microbial enumeration.

Scan® 100 is an advanced manual colony counter. Scan 100 incorporates dark field lighting technology for visual clarity and reading comfort, and results can be exported via USB.

Scan® 500 is a high-tech automatic colony counter. It counts colonies on a Petri dish in less than half a second and gives you quick, accurate, complete and traceable reading of the results.
With its CCD camera and a powerful software, it allows the automatic counting of poured plates, spread plates and Spiral® plates.

Scan® 1200 offers even higher resolution, and counts all colonies, even on smallest poured, spread, filtration membrane and Spiral® Petri dishes. Scan 1200 is also compatible with various proprietary plate such as PetriFilm™.


The Biocontrol AssureSwab is a ready to use swab containing 1ml of Letheen Broth for the collection of environmental samples. The swab saves preparation time and labour, and the liquid can easily be transferred by pouring, saving the hassle of pipetting.

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Polywipes from Medical Wire are a 50cm2 sponge ideal for sampling large surface areas when detecting the presence of pathogens, such as Listeria. Polywipes are premoistened with a phosphate buffer for convenience, and manufactured from non-inhibitory materials to increase recovery of organisms.

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