Neutralising Rinse Swab Range

Swabbing for microbes usually takes place on surfaces which have just been sanitised. Residual sanitiser can be picked up on the swab and affect the recovery of organisms. For this reason it is recommended that a swab be used that contains a diluent capable of neutralising sanitising agents.

NRSTM Transwab contains a diluent that is effective for neutralising most sanitising agents used in the food industry including quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine, and phenolics. NRS swabs are available in 5ml or 10ml with a 45mm break point.

NRSIITM Transwab allows even greater convenience when swabbing. The swab shaft and bud are attached to the lid which is screwed back onto the self-standing tube after taking your sample. NRSII is also available in a range of other diluents types such as Letheen Broth and BPW.

NRS II Transwab Brochure

ProMedia™ Swab Test

The ProMedia Swab has a fliptop dispenser and volume gauge, making it ideal for transferring to multiple plates without the need for pipetting. It is compatible for use with PetrifilmTM. An optional reagent makes it ideal for detecting E.coli and coliforms.

Swab Test Product Information


Dryswabs offer the advantage of being the most cost effective option, while giving you the freedom of choosing your own diluent. This provides great versatility to your sampling plan. The swabs are provided sterile, and are available in tubed or bulk formats. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can suggest a product from the large range available.

Dryswabs Brochure


The Dimanco Dipslide has replaced the lengthy traditional method of testing and is a safe, reliable, economical and fast indicator of the presence of bacteria or surfaces and in liquids.

  • Surfaces and liquids can be tested.
  • Sampling is fast and easy.
  • Does not require a lab or specialized equipment.
  • Does not require specialised training or staff.
  • Slides are incubated and read in a sealed tube, eliminating contamination hazards.
  • Cost effective alternative to sending samples to an external lab.
  • Get your results much faster.

Supplied ready-to-use, the slide can be used on site. Sampling takes just a few seconds. The results are easily read after just 24 - 48 hours and the appropriate remedial action can then be taken.

Air Sampling

Active air sampling provides many advantages over more traditional passive techniques such as settle plates. The SAS Super ISO measures known volumes of air in a set time, ensuring accurate and precise results.

  • Based on proven impaction technology.
  • Flexibility of choosing your own agar plates.
  • Conforms to GMP and ISO 14698-1.
  • 1000L in 10 mins.
  • Programmable.
  • Range of accessories available.