Autoclave Bags

Essential for any microbiology lab is the safe storage and disposal of enriched media and other biological waste. Medical Wire offers heavy duty clear polypropylene bags printed in blue with biological hazard warning and details. Resistant to tearing and withstanding up to 160 degrees Celsius, these bags are ideal for autoclaving. A range of sizes are available to suit most labs.


Autoclave Deodorants

The odours that are given off when autoclaving clinical waste are a significant problem in many laboratories. Anabac autoclave deodorants help reduce these odours and provide a much more pleasant workplace for staff, as well as project a stronger image of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace. Available in Citrus, Apple, and Classic scents.



Standard or calibrated formats provide a range of options, disposable or reusable, for accurate measurement and transfer of small volumes and microbiological material.  Reusable Microloops are available in fast cooling Nichrome ™ wire ultra-durable platinum.  Disposable loops are sterile and ready to use, conveniently packaged in resealable sleeves.