AMSL Scientific is pleased to announce the new Regency Exclusive! range of Microbiological Reference Materials, from IFM Quality Services.

Regency Exclusive! includes pure strains of microorganisms, as well as multi-organism varieties.

Reference materials are essential for normal laboratory quality applications such as;

  • Media quality control
  • Positive controls for quantitative quality control
  • Method validation
  • Accreditation compliance
  • Multi-laboratory standardisation
  • Determination of uncertainty of measurement

Pure Culture varieties are certified, traceable, with confirmed viability and purity. The cultures arrive in freeze dried format, easily reconstituted for routine use.

Multi-Organism varieties are a cost effective and convenient alternative for adding specific quantities of known organisms into your testing matrix. Available in a powdered format, each dose is easily measured and applied using the scoop provided. By combining multiple organisms in the one product, you can save further time and money by reducing the number of different reference materials you need.

Regency Exclusive! Daily Controls

Regency Exclusive! Multivials

Regency Exclusive! Pure Cultures

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